J-GLOBAL ID:201110092649440320   Research Resource code:5000003004 Update date:Dec. 02, 2004

Pathgenic Fungi database

Owning Organization:
Contact: MAKIMURA Koichi
Resource classification: Data,Database
With the objective of effective using of dispersive and
limited Medical Mycology and its educational materials and
with the objective of exchanging the information between
researchers, the information of Pathogenic Fungi is
By exhibiting the information on Internet Web, the intellectual
basis that researchers (for whoever wishes to utilize for free
of charge) can utilize is prepared. The contents of the database
mainly consist of Pathogenic Fungi and Pathological and Clinical
images, which are arranged separately depending on fungi and
diseases. Electronic images on Internet Web are made from the
slides provided by collaborative researchers and others into
Photo CD. The desired images can be viewed in details after
the confirmation of a scale-down image (thumb nail image).
User environment and conditions:
Internet Web
User procedures and method:
The use of the images or other data in this database is free
of charge if the objective is academic study or educational
However, if you use them in public space (e.g. printing,
meetings, internet, etc. ) , you must obtain permission from
the copyright owner before use.
For the permission, please contact contributors (copyright
owners) of the images or data. When asking contributors,
please specify the URLs of the images or data you want to
use for confirming copyright by the contributors.

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