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Documents about land economics

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Resource classification: Statistical Documentation
Research area  (2): History of Japan ,  Economic history
This documentation includes some 1060 survey results or
statistical books, which were conducted or published by
mainly Ministry of Agriculture and Forest of central
administrative agencies, local public offices, and
agricultural communities, in 110 reels of Microfilm.
The following documentations are included:
Most of the original issues about land issues,
agricultural problems, and social policies of
agricultural community in the prewar period such as
proceedings of tenant farming committee, surveys of
expansion and reform project of farm land, statistical
annual report of Forestry Office, Tenant farming
practice surveys, proceedings of local crofters, annual
reports of tenancy (farmland), farmers' economic
survey, studies of the stock-land system in Ise, Riot
in Ise (1876), and other various reports.
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