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Super Mini-Computer System

Owning Organization:
Contact: YAMAMOTO Masami
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
The super mini computer system is a computer system for
science and technology calculation that can process and
perform high speed numerical simulation in the fields of
structure analysis and electromagnetic field analysis, as
well as all scientific and technological calculations. The
system consists of the main frame, terminals and software.
Diagram of the system structure is attached on a separate
paper (Data1)
User procedures and method:
Submit the request form for using mechanical devices
Rental fee
Fee for use
Super mini computer (the main frame of M770): 9,390 yen
per hour
Graphic simulation terminal: 1,160 yen per hour
User terminal (Work Station): 840 yen per hour
User terminal (personal computer): 150 yen per hour
Software (for structure analysis): 850 yen per hour
Software (for electromagnetic field): 640 yen per hour
Software (for numerical calculation): 360 yen per hour
Software (for science and technology calculation computer
graphics): 420 yen per hour
Handling charge
Super mini computer analysis
Structure analysis per item: 7,990 yen
Electromagnetic field analysis: 7,580 yen per item
Numerical calculation: 7,010 yen per item
Science technology calculation (simple): 12,100 yen per
Science technology calculation (complicated): 36,310 yen
per item
User qualification
Restriction of use
Basically from Monday through Friday

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