J-GLOBAL ID:201110095004130105   Research Resource code:5000001160 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

Image Data Base System

Owning Organization:
Contact: INOUE Susumu
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (1): Fundamental informatics
Simplified image type database
1. Number of images displayed
(Specified 1-100 images are displayed in one
2. Expansion and reduction (Specified images can be
freely expanded or reduced.)
3. Viewing (Specified or all images are displayed.)
4. Copying (Specified parts of specified images are
5. Database (Images are classified under 5 items
and names of items can be freely set.)
6. Retrieval (Images are retrieved under freely set
conditions and displayed.)
7. Types of images (Images from scanners or digital
cameras (jpg) or bmp images are managed.)
8. Image printing (Displayed images are printed.)
Research field : Software, Program
User environment and conditions:
Windows98, SE, ME, XP, 2000

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