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Document about economic statistics in the era of Taisho & Showa

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Resource classification: Statistical Documentation
Research area  (2): History of Japan ,  Economic history
This documentation covers materials of economic
statistics (general economics, finance, commodity
price, wage, industry and mining industry, company,
stock exchange, maritime transport, agriculture,
forestry and fishery, and colonial management) between
Taisho period (about 1912-1926) and the early Showa
(about 1927-1956), and also the late Meiji (about
Titles included in this documentation: Japanese
economic statistics, financial and economic statistics,
price statistical tables, wage statistical tables,
surveys of work statistics, comprehensive lists of
main industries, company statistical tables, lists of
stock exchanges, maritime conditions, references of
steel industry, overview of trends of Japanese
factories, rice statistical tables, surveys of
fertilizers, cocoon statistical tables, statistical
tables of silk thread and cotton, surveys of forestry,
fishery almanac, surveys of industrial association,
and exploitation statistics.
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