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Corpus of anatomy education in videotapes

Owning Organization:
Contact: Medical information service Section
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (1): General anatomy(includes histology/embryology)
3.The corpus of anatomy education in videotapes was
purchased as a big collection for 1993. This
collection is the most efficient educational material
to help to understand local anatomy and inevitable as
the basic information for medical science.
(1)Guide to anatomy(42 volumes).
(2)Summary of anatomy(20 volumes).
(3)Gross anatomy (8 volumes).
(4)Bone structure and local anatomy(30 volumes).
(5)Nerve anatomy (24 volumes).
(6)Basic anatomy of brain function(20 volumes).
(7)Anatomy of bones of skull(20 volumes).
(8)Ostelogy of bones of skull(8 volumes).
(9)Anatomy of eye(7 volumes).
(11)Moore's human body embryology(8 volumes)
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