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The Collection of Thomas Aquinas Studies: Source & Development of Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas

トマス哲学の形成と展開-13世紀西欧哲学研究文献集成- オリジナル
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Research area  (2): Philosophy/ethics ,  Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism
The collection consists of about 250 books, that is,
old publications of literary works and studies
written by Thomas Aquinas in thirteenth century.
The collection includes old publications, and
revised editions of his literary works concerning
thinkers and patristic philosophy in Greek and Rome,
which are considered to be origin of his philosophy,
and important books on studies and specialized
journals concerning these fields. Especially, the
collection includes many books such as old
publications of collected edition of Thomas Aquinas
and Basel edition of collected edition of Plotinus,
which are very important for studies however hard
to collect in these days.
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