J-GLOBAL ID:201110096912956510   Research Resource code:5000003559 Update date:Dec. 01, 2004

Evaluation System for Mechanical Properties of Advanced and Composite Materials under some Environments

Owning Organization:
Contact: FUJII Toru
Resource classification: Chemical substance, Material
Research area  (4): Physical properties II ,  Functional material chemistry ,  Machine material/material mechanics ,  Composite materials/physical properties
Mechanical properties such as tensile strength,
fatigue strength impact strength and bending
strength of advenced and composite Materials such
as ceramics single crystals of metals,and
biodegradable composites are evaluated under
several environments
Research field : Durability and failure analysis of composite materials and <br>adhesive joints
User environment and conditions:
Fatigue Testing Machines(3),Imact Compression Testing Machine,Universal Testing Machine under static loading High Sensitive Tensile Testing Machine
User procedures and method:
To contact RCAST,Faculty of Engineering,DOSHISHA Univ.

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