J-GLOBAL ID:201110096950651898   Research Resource code:1000001814 Update date:Dec. 01, 2005

Photon correlation spectroscopy

Owning Organization:
Contact: TAKANO Hiroshi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (4): Polymer chemistry ,  General applied physics ,  Inorganic material/physical properties ,  Bio-function/bioprocesses
Principles: This equipment uses an Ar-laser with
double-wavelength simultaneous oscillation as the
light source. It measures dynamic and static light
scattering of both 2 axes and 2 wavelengths at given
Aims: This equipment is used to measure size and
property of fine particles in suspension, to measure
size of biological cells, to estimate molecular weight
of high polymer materials, etc.
User environment and conditions:
Should not disturb research activities
User procedures and method:
Process: For the details, please contact a person
responsible for this equipment.
Fee: Those who belong to Doshisha University,
2,000yen/hour; The others, 70,000yen/day

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