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Determination of Metabolizable Energy Requirements for Line Grossbreeding SPF Pigs.

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Contact: CHIKYU Mikio
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By using SPF strain cross hybrid pigs,
the formulae to calculate the energy utilization
efficiency and digestible energy demand were obtained
by the analysis of all slaughtered bodies.
The following are the obtained results.
1. The formulae for DE demand (kcal/day) are
DE (kcal/day) = 107 W(exp 0.75) + PR/0.39 + FR/0.83
for hogs and
DE (kcal/day) = 90 W(exp 0.75) + PR/0.32 + FR/0.76
for sows,
where PR is the energy accumulated in the form of
protein in units of kcal/day and FR is the energy
accumulated in the form of fat in units of kcal/day.
Here, PR and FR are given by
PR = 135.9 W(exp -0.001) x WG x 5.66 for hogs,
PR = 135.7 W(exp 0.013) x WG x 5.66 for sows,
FR = 62.6 W(exp 0.392) x WG x 9.46 for hogs, and
FR = 60.5 W(exp 0.375) x WG x 9.46 for sows,
where WG is the gain of the body weight in units
of kg/day.
The gain of the body weight of 1,000 g was 9.0 % to 18.0 %
lower than that required by the Japanese Feeding Standards.

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