J-GLOBAL ID:201110098114725200   Research Resource code:0000000477 Update date:Oct. 31, 2005

Trust analysis and experiment

Owning Organization:
Contact: YOKOSAWA Yukihito
Resource classification: Other
According to request from related business manager
and group, following experiment and analysis or so
were done, for contributing to technological
development and quality improvement in industry.
Many reports of test results are published as
answering requests.
1) Scientific analysis of industrial water, mines,
petroleum product, chemical product and other
2) Analysis of food nutrition, JAS analysis, and
microorganism experiment.
3) Analysis of material quality, flame-proof degree,
strength test, differential thermal analysis, and
analysis of mines.
4) Weight water absorption amount, classification,
organic impurities, stability, and abrasion test.
5) Physical and mechanical tests of woody material,
mechanical test, test of water absorption ratio,
paint, and film test.
6) Wood-work, craft, and design of furniture.
Requested tests need some commission.
All inquiries should be made to department of general
User procedures and method:
Commission: Refer to attached paper,
Qualifications for use: Mainly small and medium size
industries and groups in Aomori prefecture.
Application form for processing etc. should be

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