J-GLOBAL ID:201110098323626635   Research Resource code:5000000362 Update date:Jan. 17, 2005

Monitoring of Atmosphere-Ocean Carbon Dioxide Exchange by Ship of Opportunity

Owning Organization:
Contact: Yukihiro Nojiri
Resource classification: Global change (Meteorology, Space, Geology, Ocean,etc)
Data base of CO2 monitoring over the high latitude
North Pacific, including sea surface temperature, salinity,
pCO2 of air and seawater, and meteorology.
The observation was carried out by on board monitoring system
of M/S skugran (Norwegian flag cargo ship).
Data are summarized for each cruise leg and they are consist of
cruise data, track chart, Delta-pCO2 (pCO2 differences of
ocean-atmosphere) graph and numeric data file.
User environment and conditions:
Microsoft Explorer or Netscape and
Microsoft Excel are nesessary.
User procedures and method:
-Charge for Use
-Qualfication of User
-Restriction of Use
Research purpose, CGER-NIES holds copyright of the data.
Publication should be under co-authorship with CGER-NIES.

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