J-GLOBAL ID:201110099534074074   Research Resource code:5000002712 Update date:Jan. 11, 2005

High Altitude Test Facility

Owning Organization:
Contact: HASEGAWA Keiichi
Resource classification: Experience equipment, Facilities, etc
Research area  (1): Aerospace engineering
Purpose: Liquid Rocket Engine Altitude Performance
(i) Rocket Engines to be tested: Liquid Roket Engines
Trust 9.8kN (Maximum)
Propellants LOX/LH2, GH2, LNG, GCH4
(ii)Steam Supply/Exhaust Facilities
Exhaust System Diffuser and 2 Stage Steam Ejector
Boiler Pressure 4.3MPa (Saturated)
Evaporation Rate 1.7Kg/s
Steam Accumlator
Pressure 4.2MPa
Steam Generation Rate 160Kg/s×180s
Steam Ejector Pressure 1.3MPa
1st Stage Flowrate 40kg/s
2nd Stage Flowrate 120kg/s
Test Cell Pressure Before Engine Operation 4kPa
During Engine Operation 1kPa
(iii)Data Acquisition System Digital 63ch, Analog 12ch
Built: 1972:1978
Research field : Rocket Engine High Altitude Performance Test
User environment and conditions:
Test Models
User procedures and method:
-Procedure of Use
Inquire of details to the Planning Office
-Charge of Use
Depends on the criterion of the trusted research
provided by the Science and Technology Agency.
-Users' Qualification
-Restriction of Use
For organizations who have nothing to do with the
national administration, only the case that is
especially considered to be necessary for improvement
of aeronautics and the space sciences, is admitted to

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