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The Saijoshi Manuscripts.

Owning Organization:
Contact: TANAKA Masanori
Resource classification: Valuable Book Collection
Research area  (1): History of Japan
These documents were written according to the
directive of MATSUDAIRA Yorisato, the lord of the
Saijo Clan in the Iyo region. They are a regional
history of the Saijo domains and its villages
written by the Confucian scholar HINO Nikoteru of
this Clan. Nikoteru, who was commissioned to write
the history in 1836, required the village headman
to give him regional documents and, with the
editiorial assistance of TAKEUCHI Zaisuke and
others, conducted a survey of each village,
completing the study in 1842 .
This collection was published on CD-ROM, on the Web,
in October 2001. It was purchased in 1955.

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