J-GLOBAL ID:201110099999041997   Research Resource code:5000001159 Update date:Nov. 11, 2003

Design Simulation System for Printing

Owning Organization:
Contact: HAYAMI Tadashi
Resource classification: Software, Program
Research area  (1): Fundamental informatics
1. Color decreasing function for images
-Automatic decreasing to 256 colors or less
-Decreasing to specified number of colors, or
decreasing to specified index colors
2. Editing function for images (2-screen editing)
-Painting over, eraser, color deleting, or filling
-Measurement of number of pixels of each color
3. Color arrangement function
-Displaying used colors under 2-, 4-screen or
individual screen
-Possibility of color changing from color lists from
dyeing factory, and possibility of color changing
according to hue, luminosity or saturation
4. Color saving and retrieval function
-Saving of color information of samples, and
retrieval from key words or pattern numbers.
Browsing possible.
5. Image output method
Output of a one-color sample or four-color sample
(display in used color)
Output into BMP file
Research field : Software, Program
User environment and conditions:
Windows NT, 2000

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