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Mori Atsuhide

モリ アツヒデ | Mori Atsuhide
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 講師
Research field  (1): Geometry
Papers (14):
  • Naohiko Kasuya, Atsuhide Mori. On the deformation of the exceptional unimodal singularities. Journal of Singularities. 2021. 23
  • Atsuhide Mori. Global Geometry of Bayesian Statistics. Entropy (Basel, Switzerland). 2020. 22. 2. 240-240
  • HOSOYAMA Yukiko, HOSOYAMA Chikako, AZUMI Eiko, NAKAYAMA Yuji, YASUI Ken'ichiro, INAMI Kaoru, NISHIURA Aki, MATSUMOTO Naoyuki, MORI Atsuhide. Evaluation for the position of impacted maxillary canines from an orthodontic viewpoint. Journal of Osaka Dental University. 2020. 54. 1. 159-163
  • Atsuhide Mori. A concurrence theorem for alpha-connections on the space of t-distributions and its application. HOKKAIDO MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL. 2020. 49. 2. 201-214
  • Atsuhide Mori. A Note on Mitsumatsu's Construction of a Leafwise Symplectic Foliation. International Mathematics Research Notices. 2019. 2019. 22. 6933-6948
MISC (3):
  • Atsuhide Mori. On the violation of Thurston-Bennequin inequality for a certain non-convex hypersurface. 2011
  • Atsuhide Mori. Reeb foliations on S^5 and contact 5-manifolds violating the Thurston-Bennequin inequality. 2009
  • Examples on calculus educations in Wakayama University and Doshisha University. Faculty of Education Wakayama University, bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Trainig. 2007. 17. 75-80
Books (2):
  • 医療系を志す人のための基礎数学 : 微積分から統計学へ
    共立出版 2020 ISBN:9784320061941
  • ドゥルーズ/ガタリの現在
    平凡社 2008 ISBN:9784582702736
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(数学) (京都産業大学)
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