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Ushikai Miharu

ウシカイ ミハル | Ushikai Miharu
Homepage URL  (1): http://kaken.nii.ac.jp/d/r/70232816.ja.html
Papers (51):
  • Abe M, Kawaguchi H, Miura N, Akioka K, Ushikai M, Oi S, Yukawa A, Yoshikawa T, Izumi H, Horiuchi M. Diurnal Variation of Melatonin Concentration in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Unanesthetized Microminipig. In vivo (Athens, Greece). 2018. 32. 3. 583-590
  • Arimura E, Okatani H, Araki T, Ushikai M, Nakakuma M, Abe M, Kawaguchi H, Izumi H, Horiuchi M. Effects of Diets with Different Proportions of Protein/Carbohydrate on Retinal Manifestations in db Mice. In vivo (Athens, Greece). 2018. 32. 2. 265-272
  • Takeishi K, Kawaguchi H, Akioka K, Noguchi M, Arimura E, Abe M, Ushikai M, Okita S, Tanimoto A, Horiuchi M. Effects of Dietary and Lighting Conditions on Diurnal Locomotor Activity and Body Temperature in Microminipigs. In vivo (Athens, Greece). 2018. 32. 1. 55-62
  • Pulong WP, Ushikai M, Arimura E, Abe M, Kawaguchi H, Horiuchi M. Food Intake and Core Body Temperature of Pups and Adults in a db Mouse Line Deficient in the Long Form of the Leptin Receptor without Misty Mutation. Journal of diabetes research. 2018. 2018. 9670871
  • 牛飼美晴, 川口博明, 阿部正治, 堀内正久. Effects of ethanol intake on pathophysiology of diabetes: a study using db mice, an animal model of diabetes with a leptin receptor deficiency. 鹿児島大学医学雑誌(Web). 2017. 69. 1-3. 1-8 (WEB ONLY)-8
MISC (7):
Lectures and oral presentations  (48):
  • ラット脳内におけるアルギニノコハク酸合成酵素mRNAの発現
    (解剖学雑誌 1992)
  • 全身性カルニチン欠乏肥大心室におけるPDK4蛋白発現亢進の意味
    (ビタミン 2001)
  • 1-III-12 全身性カルニチン欠乏肥大心室におけるPDK4蛋白発現亢進の意味
    (ビタミン 2001)
  • カルニチン欠乏マウス肥大心でのPDK4蛋白のPDH複合体との結合の意義
    (ビタミン 2002)
  • カルニチン欠乏JVSマウス肥大心でのPDK4タンパクとPDH複合体の結合に関する解析
    (ビタミン 2003)
Work history (2):
  • 2011/04 - 2013/03 鹿児島大学 特任助教
  • 2013/04 - 現在 鹿児島大学 助教
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