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Morishita Soji

モリシタ ソウジ | Morishita Soji
Affiliation and department:
Research keywords  (4): next generation sequencer ,  myeloproliferative neoplasms ,  gene markers ,  genetic testing
Papers (32):
  • Maekawa T, Kato S, Kawamura T, Takada K, Sone T, Ogata H, Saito K, Izumi T, Nagao S, Takano K, et al. Increased SLAMF7high monocytes in myelofibrosis patients harboring JAK2V617F provide a therapeutic target of elotuzumab. Blood. 2019
  • Edahiro Y, Araki M, Inano T, Ito M, Morishita S, Misawa K, Fukuda Y, Imai M, Ohsaka A, Komatsu N. Clinical and molecular features of patients with prefibrotic primary myelofibrosis previously diagnosed as having essential thrombocythemia in Japan. European journal of haematology. 2019. 102. 6. 516-520
  • Fukuda Y, Araki M, Yamamoto K, Morishita S, Inano T, Misawa K, Ochiai T, Edahiro Y, Imai M, Yasuda H, et al. Evidence for prevention of renal dysfunction associated with primary myelofibrosis by cytoreductive therapy. Haematologica. 2019
  • Tomonori Ochiai, Hajime Yasuda, Marito Araki, Kyohei Misawa, Soji Morishita, Mai Nudejima, Yumi Hironaka, Shuichi Shirane, Yoko Edahiro, Akihiko Gotoh, et al. The 2014 BCSH criteria and the 2016 WHO criteria for essential thrombocythemia: A comparison in a large-scale cohort. European Journal of Haematology. 2018. 100. 6. 544-549
  • Kyohei Misawa, Hajime Yasuda, Marito Araki, Tomonori Ochiai, Soji Morishita, Shuichi Shirane, Yoko Edahiro, Akihiko Gotoh, Akimichi Ohsaka, Norio Komatsu. Mutational subtypes of JAK2 and CALR correlate with different clinical features in Japanese patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms. International Journal of Hematology. 2018. 107. 6. 673-680
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(工学) (早稲田大学)
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