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フレンチ トーマス | W FRENCH Thomas
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Other affiliations (2):
Homepage URL  (1): http://ritsumei.academia.edu/ThomasFrench
Research field  (5): International relations ,  Politics ,  History - Asia/Africa ,  History - Japan ,  History - General
Research keywords  (1): US-Japan Relations, National Police Reserve, Japan, United States, Security, International Relations, Self-Defense Forces, Douglas MacArthur, Yoshida Shigeru, Occupation Japan, 1945-1960, History, Politics.
Papers (18):
  • T French. Review: Japanese Reflections on World War II and the American Occupation by Edgar A. Porter and Ran Ying Porter. Canadian Journal of History. 2018. 53. 1. 157-158
  • Review: “Toward a More Amicable Asia-Pacific Region, Japan’s Roles.” Edited by Yoneyuki Sugita. Lanham: University Press of America. V+151. Japan Today. 2016
  • T French. Using Geospatial Data to Study the Origins of Japan’s Post-Occupation Maritime Boundaries. Asia Pacific Perspectives. 2015. Vol VIII. 02. 28-56
  • T French. The Cycle of Nationalism in North East Asia. ETH / ISN Security Watch. 2014
  • Thomas French. Contested 'Rearmament': The National Police Reserve and Japan's Cold War(s). Japanese Studies. 2014. 34. 1. 25-36
MISC (1):
  • T French. Colorized, digitally enhanced photos of postwar Japan bring their subjects to life (Review: "Sengo Nihon no Fuko no Kiroku, GHQ Kameraman Boria ga Totta Nihon no Fukei" (Records of the Reconstruction of Postwar Japan, Japanese Scenes Taken by The GHQ Came. Japan Today. 2019
Books (4):
  • The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan: New Perspectives
    Routledge 2017 ISBN:9781138195899
  • National Police Reserve: The Origin of Japan’s Self Defense Forces
    Brill / Global Oriental 2014 ISBN:9789004266711
  • PHD THESIS: A History Of Japan's National Police Reserve 1950-1952: Army or Constabulary?
    University of Southampton 2010
  • MA THESIS: ‘Resurgent Japanese Nationalism: Myth or Reality'
    Durham University 2005
Lectures and oral presentations  (39):
  • The Sun also Rises: Inequalities Favouring the Japanese State in the US-Japan Security Relationship
    (IIRAS International Symposium: Inequality in Security Relations: Japan, Okinawa, and Taiwan in the Japan-US Security Treaty System, Ritsumeikan University 2018)
  • Red Spectre: Paradoxes within the Japanese Communist Party’s ‘Military Policy’ of 1950-1956
    (International Studies Seminar at Osaka University 2018)
  • The Road Less Travelled: The Influence of GHQ’s Jeeps upon the Postwar Japanese Automotive industry
    (British Association of Japanese Studies Conference 2018, University of Sheffield, Panel D5. New Perspectives on the Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan 2018)
  • Discussant: Whose Bristol Bay Incident? A U.S.-Japan Fishery Dispute in Alaskan Waters, the Great Depression, and Shifting International Geopolitics in the 1930s
    (Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka University 2018)
  • Discussant: Reception and Transformation of Science and Technology: Quality Control of Public Health in Occupied Japan (1945-1952)
    (Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka University 2018)
Education (2):
  • - 2010 University of Southampton, History of occupied Japan
  • - 2005 Durham University, International Relations of East Asia
Professional career (3):
  • Batchelor of Arts (BA Hons.) (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Master of Arts (MA) (Durham University)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (University of Southampton)
Work history (3):
  • 2012/04/01 - Ritsumeikan University, College of International Relations / Associate Professor
  • 2011/04 - 2012/03 Nagoya University of Foreign Studies / Visiting Lecturer
  • 2008/02 - 2010/02 University of Winchester / Lecturer
Association Membership(s) (7):
Member of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations ,  Member of the Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand. ,  Member of the European Association of Japanese Studies. ,  Member of the British Association of Japanese Studies. ,  Member of the Association of Asian Studies. ,  Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. ,  Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.
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