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Zhu Qin

シュ キン | Zhu Qin
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 教授
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.oyama-ct.ac.jp/M/nds/index.htmlhttp://www.oyama-ct.ac.jp/M/nds/index.html
Research field  (1): Control and systems engineering
Research keywords  (5): Nonlinear Control ,  Adaptive Control ,  Digital Control ,  Nonlinear Vibration ,  Chaos
Papers (50):
  • Zhiyong Yang, Shan Liang, Yongsheng Sun, Qin Zhu. Vibration Suppression of Four Degree-Of-Freedom Nonlinear Vehicle Suspension Model Excited by the Consecutive Speed Humps. JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND CONTROL. 2016. 22. 6. 1560-1567
  • Yang Zhiyong, Liang Shan, Zhu Qin, Sun Yongsheng, Zhan Shanbing. Chaotic Vibration and Comfort Analysis of Nonlinear Half-Vehicle Mode Excited by Consecutive Speed-Control Humps. JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS. 2015. 27. 5. 513-519
  • Zhiyong Yang, Shan Liang, Qin Zhu, Tong Zhou, Cheng Zeng. Chaotic Vibration and Comfort Analysis of Nonlinear Full-Vehicle Model Excited by Consecutive Speed Control Humps. MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING. 2014
  • Zhiyong Yang, Shan Liang, Yongsheng Sun, Qin Zhu. Chaotic Vibration and Control in Nonlinear Half-vehicle Suspension under Consecutive Humps Excitation. Proceedings of 2014 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS (ICAMECHS), IEEE. 2014. 95-98
  • Shan Liang, Yongsheng Sun, Qin Zhu, Zhiyong Yang, Cheng Zeng. Ride comfort analysis of a nonlinear vehicle excited by the consecutive speed-control humps. JOURNAL OF VIBROENGINEERING. 2013. 15. 4. 1656-1664
MISC (5):
  • ZHU Qin, LIANG Shan. Dynamic Response of a Nonlinear Vehicle Model. 小山工業高等専門学校研究紀要. 2010. 42. 59-64
  • ZHU Qin, LIANG Shan. The Application of Wavelet Transform to Identify Chaotic Vibration. 小山工業高等専門学校研究紀要. 2009. 41. 57-63
  • 田中孝国, 朱 勤. 重慶大学訪問記~その1重慶市の紹介~. 日本高専学会誌. 2008. 13. 1. 19-22
  • Q. Zhu, S. Liang. Analysis of Dynamics of a 2 DOF Non-linear Vehicle Model with First-order Averaging Method. 小山工業高等専門学校 研究紀要. 2008. 40. 31-38
  • ZHU Qin, LIANG Shan. Sliding Mode Control of Chaos in Duffing's Oscillator with Uncertainties. 小山工業高等専門学校研究紀要. 2007. 39. 55-59
Books (4):
  • Chaotic Behavior of a Nonlinear Vehicle Model: A Numerical Investigation, Recent Research Developments in Sound and Vibration, , S. G. Pandalai (Managing editor)
    Transworld Research Network 2002
  • Chaotic Vibration and Its Control of a Cantilever Beam Subjected to Magnetic Force, Advanced Computational and Design Techniques in Applied Electromagnetic Systems, S. -y. Hahn (Editor)
    Elsevier 1995
  • An Experimental Investigation on Chaotic Motions of Magnetically Levitated Systems, Simulation and Design of Applied Electromagnetic Systems, T. Honma (Editor)
    Elsevier Science B. V., 1994
  • Experiments of Chaotic Motions of a Magnetoelastically Buckled Beam, Electromagnetic Forces and Applications, J. Tani and T. Takagi (Editors)
    Elsevier Science Publishers B. V. 1992
Lectures and oral presentations  (49):
  • 粘性減衰を有する単自由度防振座席モデルの動特性
    (第25回高専シンポジウムin久留米 2020)
  • Identification of Chaotic Vibration Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform
  • Chaotic Vibration of a Vehicle Model Induced by Triangular Humps
  • 非線形バネと非線形減衰を持つSDOF系の強制振動
    (第23回高専シンポジウム in KOBE 2018)
  • ウェッジハンプの励振を受ける非線形車輛モデル振動の数値解析
    (第22回高専シンポジウム in Mie 2017)
Works (4):
  • 授業の予習復習用 e-ラーニングシステム
    朱勤 2006 -
  • Matlab Programs for Model Conversions Using Fractional-Order Hold
    Qin Zhu 2003 -
  • 熊本大学遠隔教育システム教材-機械工学実験(計測制御系)
    公文 誠, 水本 郁朗, 鳥越 一平, 山口 晃生, 朱 勤 2002 -
  • Matlab Program for Stability Test of Zeros in Sampled Systems
    M. ISHITOBI, Q. ZHU 1996 -
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(工学) (東北大学)
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