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Niimi Yoshiyuki

ニイミヨシユキ | Niimi Yoshiyuki
Affiliation and department:
MISC (10):
  • NIIMI Y, CAO Y, OKU T, TAKAHASHI C, SEKIZUKA S. Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Dendrobium phalaenopsis with CyMV coat protein gene. 2004. 73. 2
  • CHEN L, MURAKAMI K, OKU T, TAKAHASHI C, NIIMI Y. Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Cymbidium niveo-marginatum with virus coat protein genes. 2003. 72. 2
  • MURAKAMI K, CHEN L, OKU T, NIIMI Y. Agrobacterium mediated Transformation of Phalaenopsis with virus coat protein gene. 2003. 72. 2
  • NIIMI Y, MORIHARA F, CHEN L, OKU T, UDA T. Transformation of HIV Super-Antibody Enzyme Gene [41S-2(L)] to Cymbidium niveo-marginatum Rhizome. 2003. 72. 2
  • CHEN L, HATANO T, OKU T, TAKAHASHI C, NIIMI Y. Cloning and sequencing of Cymbidium mosaic virus and Odontoglossum ringspot virus coat protein genes and their construction to pGreen II vector. 2002. 71. 2
Lectures and oral presentations  (5):
  • Mass propagation of Tacca chantrieri
  • Proliferation and Acclimatization of Tacca chantrieri
  • Colchicineを用いた倍数対および異数体Spathoglottis plicataの作出
    (日本農芸化学会関西・中四国・西日本支部、日本ビタミン学会近畿・中四国・九州支部 2013年度合同広島大会 2013)
  • Proliferation and Organogenesis from Rhizome of Temperate Cymbidium
  • シンビジウムへのCyNAC3遺伝子の導入
    (日本農芸化学会関西・中四国・西日本支部・日本ビタミン学会近畿・中四国・九州沖縄地区2013年度合同広島大会 2013)
Professional career (1):
  • 農学博士 (名古屋大学)
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