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Robson Graham

Robson Graham
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate professor in tourism department
Research field  (1): Literature - British/English-languag
Papers (39):
  • Graham Robson. Evaluating an ER programme in the Faculty of International Tourism at Toyo University. 2021. 23
  • Graham Robson. Voices of Foreign Students in Toyo University. Journal of Tourism Studies. 2021. 20
  • Graham Robson. Researching student attitudes of Online class amid Covid-19. 2021. 20
  • Graham Robson. A case for English only classes in the faculty of International Tourism: Why and how. Journal of Tourism Studies. 2020. 19
  • Graham Robson. An example of using YouTube for a group project in ITM to create tourism promotion videos. Toyo Journal of Human Sciences. 2020. 22
MISC (1):
  • Graham ROBSON. The TOEIC IP as a Placement Tool for the Facultyof Regional Studies. 観光学研究. 2013. 12. 59-68
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • Communication issues for foreign students in Japan
    (Presentation for JALT CUE 2021 Conference - online 2021)
  • Working towards building an English tourism sub-major at a Japanese University
    (JACET ESP SIG group presentation for the JACET 60th International Commemorative Convention-online 2021)
  • Instigating changes to an ER program
    (workshop given to JACET-SIG group: Learner Development 2021)
  • Action Research into Student-Assessed Out-of-class Post-task Language Use
    (2020 JALT CUE Conference 2020)
  • Ways to maximize out of class time for university students
    (Workshop given to JACET SIG group: Learner Development. 2019)
Professional career (2):
  • business studies (undergrad) (Solent university)
  • TESOL (graduate) (Temple University Japan)
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