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Furukawa Hiroto

Furukawa Hiroto
Research field  (1): Electrical power engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2015 - 2018 Wireless power transmission through a reinforced concrete plate using circuits resonating at common utility frequency
Papers (13):
  • Hiroki Ishida, Yasuhito Akatsu, Tomoaki Kyoden, Hiroto Furukawa. Improving the Critical Transmission Distance of Inductively Coupled Wireless Power Transfer Having Parity-Time Symmetry. IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications. 2024. 13. 2. 188-197
  • Hiroki Ishida, Tomoaki Kyoden, Hiroto Furukawa. Application of Parity-Time Symmetry to Low-Frequency Wireless Power Transfer System. IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications. 2022. 11. 1. 59-68
  • Tomoaki Kyoden, Hiroki Ishida, Hiroto Furukawa. Self-excited Circuit with Negative Resistance for Parity-time-symmetric Wireless Power Transfer and Enhanced Thermal Noise as Seed for Oscillation. IEEJ JOURNAL OF INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS. 2021. 10. 2. 254-261
  • Hiroki Ishida, Hiroto Furukawa, Tomoaki Kyoden. Scheme for providing parity-time symmetry for low-frequency wireless power transfer below 20 kHz. Electrical Engineering. 2020
  • Furukawa Hiroto, Ishida Hiroki, Kyoden Tomoaki. Locating embedded iron bars for wireless power transmission through reinforced-concrete wall. SN APPLIED SCIENCES. 2019. 1. 9
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