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Ichihiro Yamauchi

Ichihiro Yamauchi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Magnetism, superconductivity, and strongly correlated systems
Research keywords  (6): multipole ordering ,  metal-insulator transition ,  spin glass ,  frustrated magnetism ,  nuclear magnetic resonance ,  muon spin rotation/relaxation
Papers (30):
  • H. Okabe, M. Hiraishi, A. Koda, K. M. Kojima, S. Takeshita, I. Yamauchi, Y. Matsushita, Y. Kuramoto, R. Kadono. Metallic spin-liquid-like behavior of LiV2O4. Physical Review B (Rapid communication). 2019. 99. 041113(R)
  • X. G. Zheng, I. Yamauchi, S. Kitajima, M. Fujihala, M. Maki, S. Lee, M. Hagihala, S. Torii, T. Kamiyama, T. Kawae. Two-dimensional triangular-lattice Cu(OH)Cl, belloite, as a magnetodielectric system. Physical Review Materials. 2018. 2. 104401
  • M. Hiraishi, K. M. Kojima, I. Yamauchi, H. Okabe, S. Takeshita, A. Koda, R. Kadono, X. Zhang, S. Matsuishi, H. Hosono, et al. Electronic correlation in the quasi-two-dimensional electride Y2C. Physical Review B (Rapid communication). 2018. 98. 041104(R)
  • Ichihiro Yamauchi, Masatoshi Hiraishi, Hirotaka Okabe, Soshi Takeshita, Akihiro Koda, Kenji M. Kojima, Ryosuke Kadono, Hidekazu Tanaka. Local spin structure of α-RuCl3 honeycomb lattice magnet observed via muon spin rotation/relaxation. Physical Review B. 2018. 97. 134410
  • Ichihiro Yamauchi, Masayuki Itoh, Touru Yamauchi, Jun-ichi Yamaura, Yutaka Ueda. Local magnetic susceptibility, spin dynamics, and charge order in the quasi-one-dimensional conductor β-Li0.33V2O5 investigated by site-selective 51V NMR. Physical Review B. 2017. 96. 205114
Awards (1):
  • 2014/07 - The 13th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation, and Resonance Poster Prize
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