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Uchida Toko

ウチダ トウコ | Uchida Toko
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Education ,  Social welfare and social work studies
Research keywords  (5): Child participation ,  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ,  Child policy ,  Evaluation methodologies ,  Child Friendly Cities
Papers (1):
  • Uchida Tohko. A Study of the Seeds Activities on the Implementation of Children’s Rights in the Taisho and the Early Showa Era. Journal of Human Life Design. 2012. 7. 95-108
MISC (3):
  • UNICEF's "Child-Friendly Cities" initiative. 2012. 21. 91-93
  • UCHIDA Tohko. The Student Participation and the Openness of School Administration : The School Education Development Conference (SEDC) and other practices of student participation programs in Kawasaki City. Waseda review of education. 2002. 16. 1. 11-23
  • KITA Akito, SUGITANI Yumiko, DEGAWA Risako, OSAKO Norio, KATAGIRI Yoshiharu, YAGINUMA Ryouta, UCHIDA Tohko, TORII Yasuteru. Junior High School Students' Learning Perspective and Their Opinion of Right Related to the Learning. Waseda review of education. 2002. 16. 1. 25-50
Lectures and oral presentations  (3):
  • “Evaluation Mechanism for Child Friendly Cities -with reference to the practice of Kawasaki City-"
    (Child in the City Conference 2014)
  • "The success factors and obstacles of the implementation of UNICEF Child Friendly Cities in Japan"
    (Child in the City Conference 2016)
  • "The impact of and challenges in the development of child friendly cities through child participation: Focusing on the practice of Ishinomaki City, Japan"
    (Child in the City World Conference 2018)
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