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Takuya Murata

ムラタ タクヤ | Takuya Murata
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Research & Development Scientist
Homepage URL  (2): http://kaken.nii.ac.jp/d/r/70305001.ja.htmlhttp://www.brc.riken.jp/lab/mutants/index.html
Research field  (3): Genetics/Genome dynamics ,  Developmental biology ,  Laboratory animal science
Research keywords  (7): Knockout Mouse ,  Mutant Mouse ,  Disease Model ,  Reverse Genetics ,  Mouse Genetics ,  Wnt Signal ,  ENU
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2013 - 2015 Developing disease model mice in "post-knockout era" by allelic series of point mutations.
  • 2012 - 2013 Versatility vs Specificity on Wnt/ß-catenin signaling cascade ~From C429S amino-acid-substitution mutation mice~
Papers (16):
  • Ichimura S, Sasaki S, Murata T, Fukumura R, Gondo Y, Ikegawa S, Furuichi T. An ENU-induced p.C225S missense mutation in the mouse Tgfb1 gene does not cause Camurati-Engelmann disease-like skeletal phenotypes. Experimental animals. 2016
  • Kim YJ, Kang Y, Park HY, Lee JR, Yu DY, Murata T, Gondo Y, Hwang JH, Kim YH, Lee CH, Rhee M, Han PL, Chung BH, Lee HJ, Kim KS. STEP signaling pathway mediates psychomotor stimulation and morphine withdrawal symptoms, but not for reward, analgesia and tolerance. Experimental & molecular medicine. 2016. 48. e212
  • Makino S, Zhulyn O, Mo R, Puviindran V, Zhang X, Murata T, Fukumura R, Ishitsuka Y, Kotaki H, Matsumaru D, Ishii S, Hui CC, Gondo Y. T396I mutation of mouse Sufu reduces the stability and activity of Gli3 repressor. PloS one. 2015. 10. 3. e0119455
  • Murata T, Ishitsuka Y, Karouji K, Kaneda H, Toki H, Nakai Y, Makino S, Fukumura R, Kotaki H, Wakana S, Noda T, Gondo Y. β-catenin(C429S) mice exhibit sterility consequent to spatiotemporally sustained Wnt signalling in the internal genitalia. Scientific reports. 2014. 4. 6959
  • Ohnishi T, Murata T, Watanabe A, Hida A, Ohba H, Iwayama Y, Mishima K, Gondo Y, Yoshikawa T. Defective craniofacial development and brain function in a mouse model for depletion of intracellular inositol synthesis. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2014. 289. 10785-10796
Lectures and oral presentations  (21):
  • Establishing multiple mouse lines possessing point mutation on beta-catenin (CTNNB1) gene
    (第20回国際ほ乳類遺伝会議 2006)
  • Analyzing Multiple Mouse Lines Possessing Point Mutation on Beta-Catenin (CTNNB1) Gene
    (第21回国際ほ乳類遺伝会議 2007)
  • Establishing multiple mutant mouse lines of coding (beta-catenin) and non-coding region (LCNS: long conserved non-coding sequence) using ENU-based Gene-driven mutagenesis and Knockout mouse
    (第二回アジアマウスミュータジェネシス・リソース連盟年会 2007)
  • ENU-based Gene-Driven Mouse Mutagenesis, yet another reverse genetics infrastructure for coding as well as non-coding regions
    (第41回日本発生生物学学会年会(国際発生生物学学会共催) 2008)
  • Molecular and mouse level analyses of multiple point mutations of beta-Catenin gene obtained by ENU-Based Gene-Driven Mutagenesis
    (第22回国際ほ乳類遺伝会議 2008)
Education (2):
  • 1989 - 1993 Kyoto University Faculty of Science
  • 1993 - 1998 Kyoto University Graduate School of Science
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (Kyoto University)
Work history (4):
  • 1998/08 - 2000/07 IMEG Kumamoto University Research Asscoiate
  • 2000/07 - 2005/03 RIKEN CDB Research Scientist
  • 2005/04 - 2007/03 RIKEN GSC Research Scientist
  • 2007/04 - 2015/01 RIKEN BRC Research and Development Scientist
Awards (4):
  • 2014/06 - The Society for the Study of Reproduction International Award for Best Abstract by Region
  • 2011/07 - Society for the Study of Reproduction Lalor Foundation Merit Awards An Amino-Acid-Substitution Mutation of the Beta-Catenin Gene Caused Transformation of Caudal Wollfian Duct to Seminal Vesicle of Males and Vaginal Atresia of Females in the Mouse.
  • 2010/10 - International Mammalian Genome Conference Best Poster Award New sterile model mouse from RIKEN ENU-based gene-driven mutagenesis
  • 2010/09 - The Genetic Society of Japan Best Paper Award
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