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Takahito Kazama

Takahito Kazama
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www-geod.kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~takujin/
Papers (5):
MISC (7):
  • Takahito Kazama. G-WATER: Software packages for modeling gravity disturbances due to local land-water redistributions toward detecting gravity signals associated with earthquakes and volcanism. AOGS 11th Annual Meeting, SE37-A001, Sapporo (poster). 2014
  • T. Kazama, H. Hayakawa, S. Miura, M. Kaufman, T. Sato, C.F. Larsen, J.T. Freymueller. Long-term variations of absolute and superconducting gravity values in Southeast Alaska, observed by the ISEA2 project. AGU Fall Meeting, G43B-0971, San Francisco (poster). 2013
  • T. Kazama, S. Okubo, T. Sugano, S. Matsumoto, W. Sun, Y. Tanaka, E. Koyama. Magma mass transport in the volcanic vent at Asama Volcano in the central Japan, revealed by physical corrections of hydrological gravity disturbances. IAVCEI 2013 Scientific Assembly, 2F-P14, Kagoshima (poster). 2013
  • T. Kazama and S. Okubo. Hydrological Modeling of Groundwater Disturbances to Observed Gravity Data Toward High-accuracy Monitoring of Magma Transfer in Volcanoes. AGU Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, G43B-04, Taipei (oral). 2010
  • T. Kazama, T. Sugano, W. Sun, S. Okubo. Hydrological modeling of groundwater disturbance in gravity data to detect volcanic signals -Application to Asama volcano, central Japan-. AGU Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, G21A-05, Cairns (oral, invited). 2008
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • Hydrological modeling of groundwater disturbance in gravity data to detect volcanic signals: Application to Asama volcano, central Japan
    (AGU Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, G21A-05, Cairns, QLD, Australia (oral, invited). 2008)
  • Absolute gravity change associated with magma mass movement in the conduit of Asama Volcano (Central Japan), revealed by physical modeling of hydrological gravity disturbances
    (International Workshop 2014 on Mt. Tatun: What we know and what we don't know, 3-01, Taipei, Taiwan (oral, invited) 2014)
  • 火山地域における地下水モニタリングの重要性:火山噴火予測のために
    (2015年度日本水文科学会学術大会, J3, 茨城県つくば市 (oral, invited) 2015)
  • 重力観測を用いた火山性流体移動プロセスの把握およびその高精度化に関する研究
    (日本火山学会2018年度秋季大会, S01, 秋田県秋田市 (oral) 2018)
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