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Ryosuke Kakinoki

カキノキ リヨウスケ | Ryosuke Kakinoki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Orthopaedic surgery
Research keywords  (2): Lac-Z ,  polyphenol
Papers (69):
  • Hashimoto K, Nishimura S, Kakinoki R, Akagi M. Aggressive intraosseous lipoma of the intermediate phalanges of the thumb. Molecular and clinical oncology. 2018. 9. 1. 62-65
  • Duncan SFM, Kakinoki R, Dunbar R. Endoscopic Trigger Finger Release: Surgical Technique. The journal of hand surgery Asian-Pacific volume. 2018. 23. 1. 158-161
  • Hashimoto K, Oda Y, Nakamura F, Kakinoki R, Akagi M. Lectin-like, oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1-deficient mice show resistance to age-related knee osteoarthritis. European journal of histochemistry : EJH. 2017. 61. 1. 2762
  • Matsumoto T, Kakinoki R, Ikeguchi R, Ohta S, Akagi M, Matsuda S. Vascularized Bone Graft to the Lunate Combined With Temporary Scaphocapitate Fixation for Treatment of Stage III Kienböck Disease: A Report of the Results, a Minimum of 2 Years After Surgery. The Journal of hand surgery. 2018
  • Hashimoto K, Nishimura S, Fujii K, Kakinoki R, Akagi M. Intraneural synovial sarcoma of the tibial nerve. Rare tumors. 2018. 10. 2036361318776495
MISC (376):
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