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Mamitsuka Hiroshi

Mamitsuka Hiroshi
Homepage URL  (1): https://www.bic.kyoto-u.ac.jp/pathway/mami/index.html
Research field  (1): Intelligent informatics
Research keywords  (1): machine learning, bioinformatics
Papers (199):
  • Betül Güvenç Paltun, Samuel Kaski, Hiroshi Mamitsuka. Machine learning approaches for drug combination therapies. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 2021
  • Ronghui You, Shuwei Yao, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Shanfeng Zhu. DeepGraphGO: graph neural network for large-scale, multispecies protein function prediction. Bioinformatics. 2021. 37. Supplement_1. i262-i271
  • Dai Hai Nguyen, Canh Hao Nguyen, Hiroshi Mamitsuka. Learning subtree pattern importance for Weisfeiler-Lehman based graph kernels. Machine Learning. 2021
  • Ronghui You, Yuxuan Liu, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Shanfeng Zhu. BERTMeSH: deep contextual representation learning for large-scale high-performance MeSH indexing with full text. Bioinformatics. 2021. 37. 5. 684-692
  • Lizhi Liu, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Shanfeng Zhu. HPOFiller: identifying missing protein-phenotype associations by graph convolutional network. Bioinformatics. 2021
MISC (12):
  • NAKAMURA Atsuyoshi, TAKIGAWA Ichigaku, TOSAKA Hisashi, KUDO Mineichi, MAMITSUKA Hiroshi. Finding Approximate Frequent Patterns from DNA Sequences. 人工知能学会人工知能基本問題研究会資料. 2012. 85th. 23-28
  • TAKAHASHI Keiichiro, TAKIGAWA Ichigaku, MAMITSUKA Hiroshi. Enumerating Biclusters on Gene Expression Data by Mining Frequent Itemsets. 情報計算化学生物学会大会予稿集. 2011. 2011 (CD-ROM). ROMBUNNO.JSBI-41
  • TAKIGAWA Ichigaku, MAMITSUKA Hiroshi. Parametric summarization of frequent subgraphs for characterizing structural features of bioactive compounds. Proc Annu Conf Jpn Soc Bioinform. 2010. 2010. P019.1-P019.2
  • KAYANO Mitsunori, TAKIGAWA Ichigaku, SHIGA Motoki, TSUDA Koji, MAMITSUKA Hiroshi. Finding three-way gene interactions from transcript and genotype data. Proc Annu Conf Jpn Soc Bioinform. 2010. 2010. P069.1-P069.2
  • MATSUSHIMA Yoshifumi, TAKIGAWA Ichigaku, ONO Yasuko, SORIMACHI Hiroyuki, MAMITSUKA Hiroshi. Developing a Substrate Predictor with Sequence information. Proc Annu Conf Jpn Soc Bioinform. 2008. 2008. P071.1-P071.2
Patents (10):
  • Knowledge finding method
  • 複数文字列アライメント方法およびシステム
  • 隠れマルコフモデル学習システム及び学習方法
  • タンパク質立体構造予測方法
  • 構造分割装置
Books (14):
  • Machine Learning for Marketing
    Global Data Science Publishing 2019 ISBN:9784991044526
  • Textbook of Machine Learning and Data Mining (with Bioinformatics Applications)
    Global Data Science Publishing 2018 ISBN:9784991044502
  • Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 1807: Data Mining for Systems Biology: Methods and Protocols, 2nd Edition
    Humana Press (Springer) 2018 ISBN:9781493985609
  • Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 993: In Silico Models for Drug Discovery
    Humana Press (Springer) 2013 ISBN:9781627033411
  • Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 939: Data Mining for Systems Biology: Methods and Protocols
    Humana Press (Springer) 2012 ISBN:9781627031066
Lectures and oral presentations  (161):
  • バイオインフォマティクスのためのグラフによるデータ統合型機械学習
    (第10回生命医薬情報学連合大会(IIBMP2021)、ワークショップ:人工知能と生命誌に基づく生命医科学のためのバイオインフォマティクス 2021)
  • Machine learning for predicting drug-target interactions
    (15th World Congress of Societies of Biological Psychiatry, S-05 | Big biological data, data integration and learning algorithms in deciphering major depression and its treatments 2021)
  • Graph-based Machine Learning
    (Seminar 2021)
  • Fast and Robust Multi-view Multi-task Learning through Group Sparsity
    (Seminar 2020)
  • Computational Metabolic Identification from Mass Spectra -- Machine Learning Approach --
    (Seminar 2020)
Work history (3):
  • 2005/04 - 現在 Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center, Institute for Chemical Research
  • 2002/04 - 2005/03 Kyoto University Donation Laboratory, Institute for Chemical Research
  • 1991/04 - 2002/03 NEC Corporation
Awards (4):
  • 2018/12 - School of Science, Aalto University SCI Awards 2018: Innovation of the Year Using Machine Learning to Tackle the Impending Food Crisis
  • 2014/11 - Dream Challenges Best performer The Broad-DREAM Gene Essentiality Prediction Challenge, Sub-Challenge 1
  • 2014/02 - IEEE Kansai Section IEEE Kansai Section Medal
  • 2009 - IEEE Computer Society Service Award Program Committee Co-chair of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering
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