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Tomoyuki Nakano

Tomoyuki Nakano
Affiliation and department:
Papers (48):
  • Nakano, T., Kawamura, M., Satoh, P.T. First record of tropical sea urchin Echinometra sp. C from Honshu, Japan. Japanese Journal of Benthology. 2019. 73. 109-117
  • Ohgaki, S., Kato, T., Kobayashi, N., Tanase, H., Kumagai, N.H., Ishida, S., Nakano, N., Wada, Y., Yusa, Y. Effects of temperature and red tides on sea urchin abundance and species richness over 45 years in southern Japan. Ecological Indicators. 2019. 96. 1. 684-693
  • Nakano, T. Long term changes of marine species in Hatakejima Island. Bulletin of Kansai Organization for Nature Conservation. 2018. 40. 2. 153-160
  • González-Wevar, C.A., Hüne, M., Rosenfeld, S., Nakano, T., Saucède, T., Spencer, H.G, Poulin, E. Systematic revision of Nacella (Patellogastropoda: Nacellidae) based on a complete phylogeny of the genus, with the description of a new species from the southern tip of South America. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 2018. zly067
  • Zakea, S., Asakura, A., Kinjo, S., Nozawa, M., Nakano, T., Ikeo, K. Molecular phylogeny of ten intertidal hermit crab of the genus Pagurus inferred from multiple mitochondrial genes, with special emphasis on the evolutionary relationships of Pagurus lanuginosus and Pagurus maculosus. Genetica. 2018. 146. 369-381
MISC (19):
  • Koizumi, K., Yamazaki, T., Minemizu, R., Nakano, T. Gymnosomates collected from Tanabe Bay, Wakayama Prefecture. 2019
  • Nakano, T., Nakayama, R. Is Thylacodes adamsii a single species?. Anual meeting of Malacological Spciety of Japan, 2019. 2019
  • Nakayama, R., Nakano, T. Epizoic patellogastropods and its lifestyles in Japan. Anual meeting of Malacological Spciety of Japan, 2019. 2019
  • Nakayama, R., Nakano, T. The epizoic limpets. 2018 International Malacology Seminar, Socisety for the Study of Molluscan Diversity. Shizuoka, Tokai University. 2019
  • Nakayama, R. & Nakano, T. Epizoic commensalism in limpet reduce the risk of predation by crabs. International Malacological Seminar, Society for the Study of Molluscan Diversity. Osaka, Osaka Museum of Natural History. 2018
Lectures and oral presentations  (9):
  • 日本産カサガイ類の分類と系統:最近の発見と今後の課題
    (日本貝類学会平成21年度大会 予稿集, p. 2. 2009)
  • 小笠原固有のカサガイ類の起源
    (日本貝類学会平成21年度大会 予稿集, p. 20. 2009)
  • マツバガイの色彩変異と生物地理
    (日本貝類学会平成22年度大会 予稿集, p. 4. 2010)
  • カサガイ類の比較解剖学:上位分類群の定義形質の再検討
    (日本貝類学会平成22年度大会 予稿集, p. 1. 2010)
  • アツカサガイ科の再評価:解剖、貝殻微細構造、および分子系統
    (日本貝類学会平成23年度大会 予稿集, p. 29. 2011)
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