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Ando Yuichiro

Ando Yuichiro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (1): Inorganic materials
Papers (150):
  • Motomi Aoki, Yuefeng Yin, Simon Granville, Yao Zhang, Nikhil V. Medhekar, Livio Leiva, Ryo Ohshima, Yuichiro Ando, Masashi Shiraishi. Gigantic Anisotropy of Self-Induced Spin-Orbit Torque in Weyl Ferromagnet Co2MnGa. Nano Letters. 2023. 23. 15. 6951-6957
  • Naoki Fukumoto, Ryo Ohshima, Motomi Aoki, Yuki Fuseya, Masayuki Matsushima, Ei Shigematsu, Teruya Shinjo, Yuichiro Ando, Shoya Sakamoto, Masanobu Shiga, et al. Observation of large spin conversion anisotropy in bismuth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2023. 120. 13
  • Taiki Nishijima, Takuto Watanabe, Hiroaki Sekiguchi, Yuichiro Ando, Ei Shigematsu, Ryo Ohshima, Shinji Kuroda, Masashi Shiraishi. Ferroic Berry Curvature Dipole in a Topological Crystalline Insulator at Room Temperature. Nano Letters. 2023. 23. 6. 2247-2252
  • Y Maruyama, R Ohshima, E Shigematsu, Y Ando, M Shiraishi. Modulation of Hanle magnetoresistance in an ultrathin platinum film by ionic gating. APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS. 2023. 16. 2
  • Motomi Aoki, Ei Shigematsu, Ryo Ohshima, Teruya Shinjo, Masashi Shiraishi, Yuichiro Ando. Anomalous sign inversion of spin-orbit torque in ferromagnetic/nonmagnetic bilayer systems due to self-induced spin-orbit torque. Physical Review B. 2022. 106. 17
MISC (67):
Books (2):
  • シリサイド系半導体の科学と技術
    裳華房出版 2014
  • ナノシリコンの最新技術と応用展開
    CMC出版 2010
Lectures and oral presentations  (20):
  • 半導体デバイスにおけるスピン輸送
    (第14回光科学若手研究会 2015)
  • 外部電場によるシリコンスピンMOSFET中のスピン輸送の制御
    (第53回スピントロニクス専門研究会 2015)
  • 3次元トポロジカル絶縁 体表面状態におけるスピンモーメンタムロッキングの電気的検出
    (第52回スピントロニクス専門研究会 2015)
  • Electrical detection of the spin polarized current due to spin-momentum locking in the surface state of the topological insulator Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.7Se1.3
    (59th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2014)
  • Demonstration of long-range spin transport in n-type Si at room temperature
    (59th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2014)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(工学) (九州大学)
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