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Naka Nobuko

Naka Nobuko
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Semiconductors, optical and atomic physics
Papers (68):
  • Nobuko Naka. Investigating Planar Polyexcitons: Trimers and Tetramers Glued by “Chemical Bonds”. JPSJ News and Comments. 2023. 20. 13-1-13-2
  • J. Omachi, N. Naka, K. Yoshioka, M. Kuwata-Gonokami. Mid-infrared dielectric response of Fermi-degenerate electron-hole droplets in diamond. Physical Review B. 2022. 106. 23
  • K. Konishi, I. Akimoto, H. Matsuoka, J. Isberg, N. Naka. Intrinsic Mobility of Low-Density Electrons in Photoexcited Diamond. Physical Review Applied. 2022. 17. 3
  • Sayaka Hamabata, Junichi H. Kaneko, Nobuko Naka, Ikuko Akimoto. Transient coexistence of excitons and charge carriers in high-purity diamond. Diamond and Related Materials. 2021. 120. 108678-108678
  • T. Ichii, N. Naka, K. Tanaka. Rotational symmetry breaking on the Rydberg energy spectrum of indirect excitons in diamond studied by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. Physical Review B. 2021. 104. 20
MISC (38):
  • A Solid Observation of Strong Kerr Nonlinearity. Physics. 2022. 15. 139
  • Shimomura T., Naka N., Tokuda N., Akimoto I. 21pPSA-19 Infrared spectroscopy on high-purity CVD and HPHT diamond crystals. Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan. 2016. 71. 1579-1579
  • Akimoto I., Ohata K., Naka N. 20pBP-7 Dynamics of optically generated carriers in high-purity silicon crystals. Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan. 2016. 71. 1507-1507
  • Takahata Mitsuyoshi, Naka Nobuko, Tanaka Koichiro. Temperature Dependence of Radiative Recombination Enhancement by Nonlocal Wave Coupling of Light and Excitons in Cu2O Thin Film. Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan. 2016. 71. 1420-1420
  • Ohata K., Aiba K., Handa Y., Akimoto I., Naka N. 18pPSA-22 Comparison of steady- and time-resolved- cyclotron resonance methods for photocarriers in a high-resistivity silicon crystal. Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan. 2015. 70. 1274-1274
Books (6):
  • ダイヤモンドをよく知るために -ダイヤモンドの光物性計測(3)発光と内部量子効率
    New Diamond vol. 145, pp. 37-41 2022
  • ダイヤモンドをよく知るために -ダイヤモンドの光物性計測(2)励起子と電荷キャリヤの共存状態
    NEW DIAMOND 144 p. 43-47 2022
  • ダイヤモンドをよく知るために -ダイヤモンドの光物性計測(1)基礎光学吸収過程
    NEW DIAMOND 143 p.34-37 2021
  • Carrier transport properties in diamond revealed by solid-state spectrosopy
  • 高純度ダイヤモンドにおける励起子拡散のメカニズム(解説)
    光アライアンス (日本工業出版) 2017
Lectures and oral presentations  (201):
  • 極低温でのサイクロトロン共鳴イメージングの試み
    (第62回電子スピンサイエンス学会年会 2023)
  • 真性ダイヤモンド結晶中の転位による励起子トラップの効果
    (日本物理学会第78回年次大会(東北大学川内キャンパス) 2023)
  • Fundamental optical properties of excitons in diamond
    (International Conference on Luminescence (Paris, France) 2023)
  • スーパーコンティニュウム光源を用いた二系統4f光学系によるCu2Oの和周波分光
    (日本物理学会2023年春季大会(オンライン) 2023)
  • DC電場印加下での光注入バレー電子のサイクロトロン共鳴
    (日本物理学会2023年春季大会(オンライン) 2023)
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