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Okutani Megumi

Okutani Megumi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Home economics/Human life
Papers (8):
  • Megumi Okutani. Education Practice Needs on Consumer Culture around Children: A Survey of Teachers in Elementary and in Junior and Senior High Schools. 2015. 62. 9-18
  • Megumi Okutani. Relationship of behavior for consumer culture and value of money and ethics based on research for school students in Japan and Korea. 2016. 65
  • Development and Evaluation of Visual Teaching Material and Lesson for the Use of Social-Network Games. Consumer Education. 2019. 39. 221-230
  • Megumi Okutani. Evaluation of development materials dealing the relationship between life and consumer culture "Expansion of Consumer Culture with the Internet". 2015. 52. 31-41
  • Megumi Okutani. Forms and Risks of University Student Involvement with Consumption Culture. 2014. 63. 1. 19-28
MISC (14):
  • Megumi Okutani. The Development of a Consumer Culture Teacher Training Program. 2016. 第36冊
  • Megumi Okutani. Book review "Newly-published Bringing up to establish one's independence-Home Economics for making inquiring mind". 2014. 49. 51
  • Megumi Okutani. Study on Children's Consumer Culture and Media Contact and Their Attitudes Toward Money and Ethics: Focusing on Elementary, Junior High, and High School Students. 2013. 第33冊. 99-108
  • Megumi Okutani. Children's Consumer Culture and Risk Response -Interview Survey with Relevant Organizations in South Korea-. 2013. 62. 1. 23-29
  • Megumi Okutani. The Problem in Daily Life of Children Through Consumer Culture. 2011. 60. 1. 23-34
Lectures and oral presentations  (35):
  • 消費生活関連団体が発行する消費者教育教材の分析-児童・生徒が身につけるべき消費生活能力をもとに-
    (日本消費者教育学会関西支部,研究・実践発表会 2008)
  • 大学生のギャンブルとの関わりの実態からみる生活経営の課題
    (日本家庭科教育学会 第54回大会 2011)
  • 情報社会における高校生の消費生活実態-消費文化に焦点をあてて
    (The 9 th Biennial Conference of Asian Consumer and Family Economics Association 2011)
  • 学校消費者教育の位置づけと教育現場支援の方向性-現職教員のヒアリング調査から-
    (日本教師教育学会第21回研究大会 2011)
  • 消費者教育教材情報の提供のあり方
    (日本消費者教育学会第31回全国大会 2011)
Works (4):
  • Necessity of consumer education from actual condition of children's consumer life: focusing on consumer culture
    Megumi Okutani 2011 -
  • Using Website to Support Consumer Education Teachers: Based on Interviews of Teachers and a Comparative Study of Websites
    Megumi Okutani 2012 -
  • Consumer Education for building Consumer Citizenship Society
    Megumi Okutani 2013 -
  • A Report of Home Management Practice House, 2012
    Megumi Okutani 2013 -
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