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Zorana Vasiljevic

ワシレビッチ ゾラナ | Zorana Vasiljevic
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (30):
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Learning vocabulary in semantic sets: Myths about myths. ELTA Journal. 2019. 6. 6. 1-28
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Semantic clustering and L2 vocabulary learning - A critical literature review. The 16th International Symposium on Social Communication (Conference proceedings) Comunicación Social: Lingüîstica, Medios Masivos, Arte, Etnología, Folclor y otras cieneicas afines (Vol. II). 2019. 2. 477-482
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Learning L2 vocabulary from context: Myths and reality. Language and Culture. 2018. 創立30周年記念号. 219-265
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Idiom interpretation strategies of second language learners. International Journal of English and Education. 2017. 6. 4. 86-102
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Bilingual dual coding and L2 idiom acquisition. Language and Culture. 2017. 29. 1-36
MISC (2):
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Teaching Collocation. The Language Teacher. 2009. 33. 3. 22-23
  • Zorana Vasiljevic. Developing Collocational Competence of Second Language Learners. Oxford Brookes University[The East Asian Learner]. 2008. 4. 1. 46-50
Books (2):
  • My language, your language
    Penerbit University Putra Malaysia 2010
  • Insights into Non-native Vocabulary Teaching and Learning
    Multilingual Matters, UK 2010 ISBN:9781847692894
Lectures and oral presentations  (40):
  • Metaphors of anger in Japanese
    (17th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning 2019)
  • Free online resources for vocabulary learning
    (The 27th PeruTESOL Association Annual Convention 2019)
  • Presenting new vocabulary in EFL class: Semantic sets, thematic sets and similar lexical forms
    (6th International Language in Focus Conference 2019)
  • Semantic clustering and L2 vocabulary learning - A critical literature review
    (The 16th International Symposium on Social Communication 2019)
  • Applying L2 Vocabulary Research Findings to Classroom Teaching
    (Peru TESOL 2018)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士 (クインズラント大学大学院)
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