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Yasunori Fukuta

フクタ ヤスノリ | Yasunori Fukuta
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Papers (43):
  • Exploratory Research on Performativity of Zone Design Theories. Journal of Zone Design. 2019. 13. 63-82
  • State Surveillance in Japan: Japanese Youngsters' Attitudes towards the Snowden Revelations. Journal of the Japan Society for Management information. 2018. 27. 1. 3-8
  • Yasunori Fukuta. Tentative Study on Properties of Ethical Issues in IoT based Marketing Research. Memories of the Institute of Social Sciences, Meiji University. 2018. 56. 2. 15-29
  • Yasunori Fukuta, Kiyoshi Murata, Andrew A. Adams, Yohko Orito, Ana Maria Lara Palma. Personal Data Sensitivity in Japan: An Exploratory Study. Orbit Journal (Special issue on CEPE/ETHICOMP 2017). 2017. 1. 2. Unpaged
  • Kiyoshi Murata, Andrew A. Adams, Yasunori Fukuta, Yohko Orito, Mario Arias-Oliva, Jorge Pelegrin-Borondo. From a Science Fiction to Reality: Cyborg Ethics in Japan. Computers and Society. 2017
Books (9):
  • 1からのマーケティング分析
    碩学舎 2011 ISBN:9784502683602
  • 現代経営学再入門
    同友館 2010
  • QOLとマーケティング-クオリティ・オブ・ライフ理論の構築をめざして
    同友館 2008
  • ビジネス・キャリア検定試験標準テキスト マーケティング3級
    中央職業能力開発協会 2007
  • ビジネス・キャリア検定試験標準テキスト マーケティング2級
    中央職業能力開発協会 2007
Lectures and oral presentations  (27):
  • Perceived Risks and Required Management Rigorousness for the Use of Personal Information
  • Learning of Resource Integration Ability in Zone Design: From the Viewpoint of Actors Network
  • サイボーグ倫理研究の課題
    (日本情報経営学会第78回全国大会 2019)
  • Performativity of Zone Design Theory
  • Collection and Use of Consumer Information and Its Ethical Issues: Exploratory Study for building a research framework
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