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Onda Kazuhisa

Onda Kazuhisa
Affiliation and department:
Papers (9):
  • Shota Fukada, Kazuhisa Onda, Hisataka Maruyama, Taisuke Masuda, Fumihito Arai. 3D Fabrication and Manipulation of Hybrid Nanorobots by Laser. 2013 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION (ICRA). 2013. 2594-2599
  • Kazuhisa Onda, Fumihito Arai. Multi-beam bilateral teleoperation of holographic optical tweezers. OPTICS EXPRESS. 2012. 20. 4. 3633-3641
  • Kazuhisa Onda, Fumihito Arai. Parallel Teleoperation of Holographic Optical Tweezers Using Multi-Touch User Interface. 2012 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION (ICRA). 2012. 1069-1074
  • Kazuhisa Onda, Fumihito Arai. Robotic Approach to Multi-beam Optical Tweezers with Computer Generated Hologram. 2011 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION (ICRA). 2011. 1825-1830
  • Yoko Yamanishi, Shinya Sakuma, Kazuhisa Onda, Fumihito Arai. Powerful actuation of magnetized microtools by focused magnetic field for particle sorting in a chip. BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES. 2010. 12. 4. 745-752
MISC (11):
  • Onda Kazuhisa, Arai Fumihito. Teleoperation of Integrated Optical Tweezers Using Time-shared Scanning and Phase Modulation of Laser. Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan. 2012. 30. 4. 411-419
  • FUKADA Shota, ONDA Kazuhisa, MARUYAMA Hisataka, MASUDA Taisuke, ARAI Fumihito. 2A2-S05 Optical fabrication and manipulation of microrobot in water by using three dimensional nano exposure and nano ablation(Bio-Manipulation). The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec). 2012. 2012. 0. _2A2-S05_1-_2A2-S05_4
  • ONDA Kazuhisa, ARAI Fumihito. High-speed Multi-beam Teleoperation Using Computer Generated Hologram. Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan. 2011. 29. 7. 643-649
  • MASUDA Taisuke, ONDA Kazutoshi, MARUYAMA Hisataka, TAKAHASHI Ichiro, SUZUKI Osamu, ARAI Fumihito. 8H-02 Mechanical Stimulation to manipulate cell-to-cell communication. The Proceedings of the Bioengineering Conference Annual Meeting of BED/JSME. 2011. 2010. 0. 145-146
  • TOMITA Kyohei, ONDA Kazuhisa, FUKADA Shota, ARAI Fumihito. 1-3 Fabrication Method of 3D Capillary Vessel Model. The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology. 2011. 2011. 0. 7-8
Patents (1):
  • ヘッドアップディスプレイ及びプログラム
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(工学) (名古屋大学)
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