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Oh Tan

Oh Tan
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Neuroscience - general
Papers (37):
Books (7):
  • Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Neuropsychiatric disorders and RNA chemical marks at synapse.
  • 実験医学 RNAメチル化によるシナプスでの遺伝子機能分画
    羊土社 実験医学Vol.36 No.19 2018
  • RNA Detection
    Humana Press 2017
  • 実験医学 ノンコーディングRNAテキストブック
    羊土社 2015
  • Intracellular traffic and neurodegenerative orders, research and perspectives in Alzheimer’s disease
    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp71-85 (2008) 2008
Lectures and oral presentations  (84):
  • Dynamic RNA Imaging
    (Australasian Neuroscience Society meeting 2019)
  • Emerging Epitranscriptomics in the Synapses
    (Indian Academy of Neuroscience 2019)
  • Emerging Neuropitranscriptomics
    (2019 Tzu Chi-Academia Sinica Biomedical Conference 2019)
  • Synaptic Epitranscriptomics and Dynamic RNA imaging
    (EBPS Biennial Meeting 2019)
  • Epitranscriptomics in Synapses
    (ISN-ASN 2019)
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