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Asano Yasuhito

アサノ ヤスヒト | Asano Yasuhito
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Web and service informatics
Papers (58):
  • Hideaki OHASHI, Yasuhito ASANO, Toshiyuki SHIMIZU, Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA. Adaptive Balanced Allocation for Peer Assessments. IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. 2020. E103.D. 5. 939-948
  • Hideaki Ohashi, Yasuhito Asano, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Give and Take: Adaptive Balanced Allocation for Peer Assessments. 2019. 456-468
  • Shun Takagi, Yang Cao 0011, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Protecting Location Privacy for LBS over Road Networks. 33rd Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy (DBSec'19), to appear. 2019. 143-163
  • 伊藤博典, 浅野泰仁, 吉川正俊. 1教師1生徒対話形式教育用脚本の自動生成. 電子情報通信学会論文誌. 2018. J101-D. 3. 2081-2091
  • Yasuhito Asano, Soichiro Hidaka, Zhenjiang Hu, Yasunori Ishihara, Hiroyuki Kato, Hsiang-Shang Ko, Keisuke Nakano, Makoto Onizuka, Yuya Sasaki, Toshiyuki Shimizu, et al. A View-based Programmable Architecture for Controlling and Integrating Decentralized Data. CoRR. 2018. abs/1803.06674
MISC (19):
  • Yasuhito Asano, Zhenjiang Hu, Yasunori Ishihara, Hiroyuki Kato, Makoto Onizuka, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Controlling and Sharing Distributed Data for Implementing Service Alliance. IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing, BigComp 2019, Kyoto, Japan, February 27 - March 2, 2019. 2019. 1-4
  • Hironori Ito, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Automatic Generation of Plot for Education by Teacher-Student Dialogue Style. International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology (ICEMT 2017). 2017
  • Xinpeng Zhang, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Mutually Beneficial Confluent Routing (Extended Abstract). 2017 IEEE 33RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DATA ENGINEERING (ICDE 2017). 2017. 43-44
  • Kazuki Takise, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Multi-user Routing to Single Destination with Confluence. 24th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016). 2016. 72:1-72:4
  • Yiling Dai, Yasuhito Asano, Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Course Content Analysis: An Initiative Step toward Learning Object Recommendation Systems for MOOC Learners. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM2016), Tiffany Barnes, Min Chi and Mingyu Feng (eds.). 2016. pp. 347-350-352
Books (3):
  • ネットワーク・大衆・マーケット -現代社会の複雑な連結性についての推論-
    共立出版 2013
  • アルゴリズムデザイン
    共立出版 2008
  • 組合せ最適化
    シュプリンガー・フェアラーク東京 2005
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