J-GLOBAL ID:201410037294350008   Research Resource code:NBDC01208 Update date:Jun. 17, 2013


Owning Organization:
  • Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna
Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (1): RNA
Tag (data type)  (3): Sequence ,  Bibliography/Documents ,  Classification
Species (2): Homo sapiens (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9606) ,  Mus musculus (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 10090)
AREsite is a database of the investigation of AU-rich elements (ARE) in vertebrate mRNA UTR sequences. Thisdatabase allows detailed investigation of functional elements by analysis of the phylogentic conservation and the structural context these motifs are embedded in. Furthermore, AREsite provides information about experimentally validated targets from extensive literature search.
Source: NBDC

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