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KOMUGI: Wheat Genetic Resources Database KOMUGI
Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (4): Genome/Gene ,  cDNA/EST ,  Organism ,  Cell/Organelle
Tag (data type)  (4): Phenotype ,  Bioresource ,  Sequence ,  Expression
Species (3): Triticum (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4564) ,  Aegilops (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4480) ,  Avena (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4496)
KOMUGI is an integrated database of wheat managed by the National BioResource Project (NBRP)-Wheat. This database mainly collects strain information on wheat (the genus Triticum) and related species (the genus Aegilops) including experimental lines. It also contains some accessions of other related species (rye; the genus Secale and oats; the genus Avena), the list of gene symbols, gene sequence data and chromosome maps. Available resources are listed as 'NBRP Strains' and 'NBRP cDNA', then users can order them by using query forms in 'Strains' category and 'cDNA' category, respectively.
Source: NBDC
Record maintainer: Integbio Database Catalog
Record license: Creative Commons CC0 license

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