J-GLOBAL ID:201410067200770978   Research Resource code:NBDC01225 Update date:Jun. 17, 2013

HGD: Hymenoptera Genome Database

HGD: Hymenoptera Genome Database
Owning Organization:
  • Georgetown University
Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (1): Genome/Gene
Tag (data type)  (1): Sequence
Species (1): Hymenoptera (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 7399)
The Hymenoptera Genome Database (HGD) is a comprehensive database providing access to curated data contributed by an extensive, active research community working on insect species of the order Hymenoptera. HGD contains data from 9 different species in the phylogeny of Hymenoptera, allowing researchers to leverage genetic, genome sequence and gene expression data, as well as the biological knowledge of related model organisms. Curated data at HGD contains predicted and annotated gene sets supported with evidence tracks such as ESTs/cDNAs, small RNA sequences and GC composition domains. Data can be queried using genome browsers and/or BLAST/PSI-BLAST servers, and it may also be downloaded to perform local searches.
Source: NBDC

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