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ASD: Allosteric Database

ASD: Allosteric Database
Owning Organization:
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University
Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (4): DNA ,  RNA ,  Protein ,  Metabolite
Tag (data type)  (4): Sequence ,  Image/Movie ,  3D structure ,  Chemical structure
The AlloSteric Database (ASD) provides a central resource for the display, search and analysis of structure, function and related annotation for allosteric molecules, which are annotated with a detailed description of allostery, biological process and related diseases, and modulators with binding affinity, physicochemical properties and therapeutic area. Modulators curated in ASD can be used to investigate potent allosteric targets for the query compound, and also help chemists to implement structure modifications for novel allosteric drug design.
Source: NBDC

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