J-GLOBAL ID:201410086631832088   Research Resource code:NBDC00870 Update date:Jun. 17, 2013

EPFDB: Entomopathogenic Fungi Database

EPFDB: Entomopathogenic Fungi Database (昆虫病原糸状菌データベース)
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (2): Organism ,  Health/Disease
Tag (data type)  (1): Image/Movie
Species (1): Fungi (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 4751)
This is a database for entomopathogenic fungi, which attack healthy insects and ultimately lead to their death. Users can view photos of the pathogen after parasitizing the host, as well as images of proliferation in media and microscopic images. Searches can be performed by genus name, Japanese common name, and species list, as well as host species. Synonyms for the pathogen are also shown. All rights for data and photos in this site are reserved.
Source: NBDC
Record maintainer: Integbio Database Catalog
Record license: Creative Commons CC0 license

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