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3DPL: 3-Dimensional Protein Localization

3DPL: 3-Dimensional Protein Localization
Owning Organization:
Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (2): Protein ,  Organism
Tag (data type)  (2): Expression ,  Image/Movie
Species (1): Ciona intestinalis (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 7719)
3DPL is a database of the spatial and temporal localization of proteins in Ciona intestinalis. The database consists of z-stacked images of GFP-fusion proteins in C. intestinalis and can be used in conjunction with the FABA and FABA2 databases. Users can query genes, tissues, or developmental stages and view protein localization in a Java environment.
Source: NBDC
Record maintainer: Integbio Database Catalog
Record license: Creative Commons CC0 license

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