J-GLOBAL ID:201410096801559026   Research Resource code:NBDC00162 Update date:Jun. 17, 2013


Resource classification: Database
Tag (subject)  (1): Metabolite
Tag (data type)  (2): Method ,  Chemical structure
Species (3): Mus musculus (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 10090) ,  Rattus norvegicus (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 10116) ,  Sus scrofa (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9823)
PEPTIDOME is a database for endogenous peptides in cells, tissues and body. PEPTIDOME contains molecular and physiological information of the peptides obtained from brains of mouse, pig and rat. This database provides search engines of endogenous peptides and literatures. Users can search peptides by amino acid sequences or keywords such as names, physicochemical properties, natural abundance and biological activities.
Source: NBDC
Record maintainer: Integbio Database Catalog
Record license: Creative Commons CC0 license

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