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ワタヌキ リョウ | WATANUKI Ryo
Research field  (4): Public law ,  International relations ,  International relations ,  Legal theory and history
Papers (7):
  • Ryo WATANUKI. The Act of Choosing Norms and ‘Legality’ in International Law. 21st Century Studies. 2019. 10. 119-140
  • Ryo WATANUKI. Stateless as a Problem of Constitutional Theory. Bulletin of Centre for Research on 21st Century Society. 2018. 9. 35-52
  • Ryo WATANUKI. The Insights of Political Realism as an International Legal Theory: Going beyond the Dichotomic Relationship Between International Law and International Relations. The Journal of Next-Generation Humanities and Social Sciences. 2018. 14. 77-101
  • Ryo WATANUKI. Significance and Limitation of Nuclear Ban Treaty. Bulletin of Centre for Research on 21st Century Society. 2017. 8. 103-120
  • Ryo WATANUKI. Interdependency between ‘Primitiveness’ and ‘Change’ in International Law: International Law of Self-Defence and the Overuse of ‘Exception’ after September 11. Journal of Social Science. 2015. 80. 37-65
Lectures and oral presentations  (22):
  • The Duality of Legal Positivism in International Law: The Entry of the Standard of Civilization in Japan and the Scope of Politics in International System
    (International Studies Association, Asia-Pacific 2019 Singapore Conference 2019)
  • The Scope of “Critical” in IR as Methodology: Re-visiting the Implication of IR Debate during 1930s
    (International Studies Association, Annual Convention 2019, Toronto 2019)
  • The Distance between Legal Formality and the Politics of ‘Reality’: Re-considering the Subsidiarity of Region and the Question of ‘Otherness’ in International Law
    (11th East Asian Conference on Philosophy of Law 2018)
  • Questioning the Dichotomy between Universalism and Regionalism: Re-theorizing ‘Region’ as Juncture of Law and Power in International Law
    (Regional Conference on International Law in Asia, The Asian Society of International Law 2018)
  • Re-examining the Debates on the Principle of Sovereign Equality in Japan during 1930-1940s: The Complex Relation between Liberalism and the Concept of Region
    (International Political Science Association, The 25Tth IPSA World Congress of Political Science 2018)
Awards (1):
  • 2014/07 - 難民研究フォーラム 第2回若手難民研究者奨励賞
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