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Choe Hyonmin

チェ ヒョンミン | Choe Hyonmin
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.yokohama-seikei.jp/index.html
Research field  (3): Cell biology ,  Molecular biology ,  Orthopedics
Research keywords  (9): 股関節疾患 ,  人工関節周囲感染 ,  関節リウマチ ,  小児整形外科疾患 ,  Osteoporosis ,  Posture ,  サルコペニア ,  抗微生物ペプチド ,  骨隨炎
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2023 - 2026 人工知能を用いた人工股関節全置換術後の深部静脈血栓塞栓症の発生予測に関する研究
  • 2022 - 2025 骨軟部感染症に対するナノポアシークエンサーを用いた薬剤耐性菌と感染経路の同定
  • 2018 - 2022 Utility of fully automated real-time PCR for the rapid diagnosis of implant infection
Papers (232):
  • Akira Morita, Yuta Iida, Yutaka Inaba, Taro Tezuka, Naomi Kobayashi, Hyonmin Choe, Hiroyuki Ike, Eiryo Kawakami. Preoperative prediction for periprosthetic bone loss and individual evaluation of bisphosphonate effect after total hip arthroplasty using artificial intelligence. Bone & Joint Research. 2024
  • Shintaro Watanabe, Emi Kamono, Hyonmin Choe, Hiroyuki Ike, Yutaka Inaba, Naomi Kobayashi. Differences in Diagnostic Sensitivity of Cultures Between Sample Types in Periprosthetic Joint Infections: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. The Journal of arthroplasty. 2024
  • Yusuke Inoue, Ken Kumagai, Kimi Ishikawa, Ikuma Kato, Youhei Kusaba, Takuma Naka, Kiyotaka Nagashima, Hyonmin Choe, Hiroyuki Ike, Naomi Kobayashi, et al. Increased Wnt5a/ROR2 signaling is associated with chondrogenesis in meniscal degeneration. Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. 2024
  • 斎藤 桂樹, 川端 佑介, 加藤 生真, 吉田 智隆, 栗本 怜実, 崔 賢民, 竹山 昌伸, 稲葉 裕. 四肢深部発生限局性高悪性度軟部肉腫の予後予測におけるPrognostic Nutritional Indexの有用性. 関東整形災害外科学会雑誌. 2024. 55. 臨増号外. 202-202
  • Hyonmin Choe, Emi Kamono, Koki Abe, Yuta Hieda, Hiroyuki Ike, Ken Kumagai, Naomi Kobayashi, Yutaka Inaba. Accuracy of Albumin, Globulin, and Albumin-Globulin Ratio for Diagnosing Periprosthetic Joint Infection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of clinical medicine. 2023. 12. 24
MISC (292):
  • 榎本大介, 崔賢民, 松本匡洋, 安部晃生, 稲葉裕. Measurement of bone quality in the femoral head using CT in proximal femur fractures. 骨折(Web). 2023. 45. Supplement (CD-ROM)
  • 稗田裕太, 崔賢民, 池裕之, 手塚太郎, 秋山豪介, 安部晃生, 稲葉裕. Combined Anteversionと大腿骨回旋を用いた人工股関節再置換術後の脱臼因子の検討. 日本人工関節学会プログラム・抄録集. 2023. 53rd (Web)
  • 霜田将之, 崔賢民, 池裕之, 安部晃生, 稗田裕太, 勝山陽太, 稲葉裕. 人工股関節置換術術後に脊椎圧迫骨折が発生した患者の姿勢と,術後の脊椎圧迫骨折の予測. 東日本整形災害外科学会雑誌(Web). 2023. 35. 3
  • 佐藤秀, 池裕之, 崔賢民, 川島大輔, 安部晃生, 岩田風作, 山崎諒平, 稲葉裕. 慢性・不安定型大腿骨頭すべり症に対してmodified Dunn procedureを施行した1例. 東日本整形災害外科学会雑誌(Web). 2023. 35. 3
  • 崔賢民, 安部晃生, 稗田裕太, 池裕之, 手塚太郎, 秋山豪介, 小林直実, 稲葉裕. 次世代シークエンサーを用いた人工股関節周囲感染における遺伝子学的な原因菌の同定. 日本人工関節学会プログラム・抄録集. 2023. 53rd (Web)
Lectures and oral presentations  (20):
  • IDR-1018: An Immunodulatory Host Defense Peptide that Decreases Bacterial Burden and Preserves Osseointegration in a Murine Model of Orthopaedic Implant Infection, Poster #1907
    (58th Orthopaedic research society, Las vegas 2015)
  • Quorum Sensing is Required for Acinetobacter Infection to Impair Osseointegration of Orthopaedic Implants in Mice.
    (AAOS/ORS Musculoskeltal Infection Meeting 2014)
  • Acinetobacter Impairs Osseointegration of Orthopaedic Implants in Mice
    (58th Orthopaedic research society, New Orleans 2014)
  • IDR-1018: A Synthetic Host Defense Peptide that Decreases Infection of Orthopaedic Implants
    (American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2013)
  • IDR-1018: A Synthetic Host Defense Peptide that Decreases Infection of Orthopaedic Implants.
    (Military Health System Research Symposium 2013)
Education (1):
  • 1999 - 2005 Tsukuba University School of Medicine
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(医学) (横浜市立大学)
Work history (7):
  • 2024/04 - 現在 Yokohama City University
  • 2019/04 - 2024/03 Yokohama City University
  • 2015/04 - 2019/03 Yokohama City University School of Medicine Medical Course Orthopedic Surgery Assistant Professor
  • 2012/05 - 2015/03 Case Western Reserve University Department of Orthopaedics
  • 2008 - 2012 PhD student, Yokohama City University School of Medicine
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Committee career (11):
  • 2023/04 - 現在 Arthroplasty Editorial Borad Member
  • - 現在 Journal of Orthopaedic Science Editorial Review Board Member
  • - 現在 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, JBJS Case Connector, JBJS Review Consultant Reviewer
  • - 現在 Journal of Orthopaedic Research Editorial Review Board Member
  • - 現在 関東股関節懇話会 幹事
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Awards (8):
  • 2023 - 横浜市立大学医学研究科 Best Teacher Award
  • 2020 - 横浜市立大学 医学奨励賞
  • 2013 - The Spine Journal Outstanding Paper Award (Runner-up)
  • 2012 - Graduate School of Yokohama City University Graduation thesis Award
  • 2012 - Yokohama City University Department of Orthopaedics. Journal Award
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Association Membership(s) (9):
Japanese Orthopaedic Association. ,  Japanese College of Rheumatology. ,  Japanese Hip Society. ,  Japanese Pediatric Orthopaedic Association. ,  Japanese Society for Joint Diseases. ,  Japanese Society for Replacement Arthroplasty. ,  Japanese Society for Study of Bone and Joint Infection. ,  Japanese Society for Fracture Repair. ,  Eastern Japan Association of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.
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