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Yonemoto Kazuhiro

ヨネモト カズヒロ | Yonemoto Kazuhiro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (2): Sociology of education ,  Japanese language education
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (9):
  • 2014 - 現在 Ultrasound application to the empowerment of pronunciation teaching and learning
  • 2009 - 現在 Towards a sociocultural, political understanding of Japanese language education abroad
  • 2009 - 現在 Language minority students' formation of success perspectives and influences of social class on education
  • 2019 - 2020 日本語と日本語話者の多様性に対する小学生の理解育成のための実践モデル構築
  • 2016 - 2018 多言語話者の言語能力に対する柔軟な理解を育む教育実践モデルの構築
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Papers (27):
  • Yonemoto, K, Kawaguchi, M, Tsuda, A, Hayashi, H, Shibata, T. Promoting an understanding of the diversity within the Japanese language through Japanese language users’ voices: From the “World Japaneses: Voices from Around the Globe” project. Journal CAJLE. 2022. 23. 17-41
  • Yonemoto, K, Hamada, N, Takai, M, Mizuno, A, Kamura, A, Hasegawa, Y, Kasai, J, Kitagawa, T. Four different practices using the traditional performing art of paper cutting: Experiential learning via online. Gengo kyooiku jissen Ima x Koko. 2021. 9. 50-61
  • Kazuhiro Yonemoto. Disaster preparedness activities for beginner-level Japanese learners to improve their self-help skills. Journal of Japanese Language Teaching. 2021. 178. 200-214
  • Kazuhiro Yonemoto. Rethinking the relationship between nation, culture, and people: A case study of international appreciation activity with international students at an elementary school. Journal of Plurilingual and Multilingual Education. 2021. 8. 183-193
  • Tomoko Shibata, Kazuhiro Yonemoto. What is the diversity of Japanese and Japanese speakers? Fostering an understanding of diversity of languages and speakers. Japanese Language Education in Europe. 2020. 24. 661-663
MISC (2):
  • Kazuhiro Yonemoto. Translanguaging. The Encyclopedia of Intercultural Education. 2022. 237-237
  • 畑佐一味, 米本和弘, 濵田典子. 伝統芸能を題材にしたオンラインでの教育活動ー落語と紙切りを用いた実践事例ー. 世界の日本語教育. 2020
Books (11):
  • アイデンティティと言語学習 : ジェンダー・エスニシティ・教育をめぐって広がる地平
    明石書店 2023 ISBN:9784750354439
  • In M. Mielick, R. Kubota, & L. Lawrence (Eds.), Discourses of identity: Language learning, teaching, and reclamation perspectives in Japan
    Palgrave Macmillan 2023
  • In M. Peterson, K. Yamazaki, & M. Thomas (Eds.), Digital Games and Language Learning: Theory, Development and Implementation
    Bloomsbury 2021
  • The Great Japanese: 30 Stories Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Levels
    Kurosio Publishers 2019 ISBN:9784874247983
  • In E. Zimmerman & A. McMeekin (Eds.), Technology supported learning in and out of the Japanese language classroom: Theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical developments
    Multilingual Matters 2019
Education (3):
  • 2009 - McGill University Graduate School, Division of Education Second Language Education
  • 2005 - 2007 McGill University Faculty of Education Second Language Education
  • 2000 - 2004 Osaka University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Language
Work history (8):
  • 2016/04 - 2023/03 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Institute of Global Affairs Institute of Global Affairs Administrative Division Assistant Professor
  • 2017/04 - 2017/07 Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research Visiting Lecturer
  • 2014/09/01 - 2016/03/31 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Joint Institutes for Education and Research International Exchange Center Assistant Professor
  • 2012 - 2014 University of British Colunbia Department of Asian Studies Junior Associate Professor
  • 2011 - 2012 McGill University Department of East Asian Studies Junior Associate Professor
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Committee career (7):
  • 2021 - 現在 国立大学留学生指導研究協議会 関東地区幹事
  • 2016 - 現在 言語文化教育研究学会 研究集会実行委員
  • 2013 - 現在 香港日本語教育研究会 研究会誌編集委員
  • 2013 - 現在 カナダ日本語教育振興会 理事
  • 2019/09 - 2023/05 日本語教育学会 国際連携委員会委員
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Association Membership(s) (8):
Japan Association of Second Language Acquisition ,  Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education ,  American Association of Teachers of Japanese ,  Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language ,  国立大学日本語教育研究協議会 ,  Council of International Student Advisors of National Universities ,  Association for Language and Cultural Education ,  Japan Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
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