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Kei Miyamoto

ミヤモト ケイ | Kei Miyamoto
Affiliation and department:
Research keywords  (5): Gene expression ,  Epigenetics ,  Nuclear transfer ,  Reprogramming ,  Molecular and developmental biology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2012 - 2013 collaboration work with Central Institute for Experimental Animals on marmoset
  • 2007 - 2009 The Grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Papers (35):
  • Higuchi C, Yamamoto M, Shin SW, Miyamoto K, Matsumoto K. Perturbation of maternal PIASy abundance disrupts zygotic genome activation and embryonic development via SUMOylation pathway. Biology open. 2019
  • Almonacid M, Al Jord A, El-Hayek S, Othmani A, Coulpier F, Lemoine S, Miyamoto K, Grosse R, Klein C, Piolot T, Mailly P, Voituriez R, Genovesio A, Verlhac MH. Active Fluctuations of the Nuclear Envelope Shape the Transcriptional Dynamics in Oocytes. Developmental cell. 2019
  • Yamagata K, Nagai K, Miyamoto H, Anzai M, Kato H, Miyamoto K, Kurosaka S, Azuma R, Kolodeznikov II, Protopopov AV, Plotnikov VV, Kobayashi H, Kawahara-Miki R, Kono T, Uchida M, Shibata Y, Handa T, Kimura H, Hosoi Y, Mitani T, Matsumoto K, Iritani A. Signs of biological activities of 28,000-year-old mammoth nuclei in mouse oocytes visualized by live-cell imaging. Scientific reports. 2019. 9. 1. 4050
  • Miyamoto K. Various nuclear reprogramming systems using egg and oocyte materials. The Journal of reproduction and development. 2019. 65. 3. 203-208
  • Miyamoto K, Nguyen KT, Allen GE, Jullien J, Kumar D, Otani T, Bradshaw CR, Livesey FJ, Kellis M, Gurdon JB. Chromatin Accessibility Impacts Transcriptional Reprogramming in Oocytes. Cell reports. 2018. 24. 2. 304-311
MISC (1):
  • Kei Miyamoto. 核内Wave1は卵母細胞における転写の初期化と正常な発生に必要である. Japanese Scientist in Science 2013. 2014. 60-61
Lectures and oral presentations  (142):
  • Cell cycle synchronization of donor cells at G1 phase and developmental ability of nuclear transfer embryos in miniature pigs
    (IETS Meeting 2005)
  • Imai. Reprogramming events of porcine fibroblast cells in Xenopus egg extracts
    (International Symposium on Germ Cells, Epigenetics, Reprogramming and Embryonic Stem Cells 2005)
  • Nuclear reprogramming of porcine fibroblast cells by Xenopus egg extracts
    (IETS Meeting 2006)
  • Reprogramming of intact and permeabilized mammalian somatic cells by Xenopus egg extract
    (ARBS 2006)
  • Nuclear reprogramming of porcine cells and their use as donor cell for nuclear transfer after treatment in Xenopus egg extracts
    (The International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Meeting 2007)
Awards (4):
  • 2018/09 - Society for Reproduction and Development SRD Young Investigator Award
  • 2018/04 - The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Young Scientists’ Prize
  • 2016/07 - Human Frontier Science Program Human Frontier Project Grant Nuclear actin assembly in chromatin structure and dynamics for cell cycle control and reprogramming
  • 2012/04 - Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship award
Association Membership(s) (3):
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