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Haruna Nobuo

ハルナ ノブオ | Haruna Nobuo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (2): Politics ,  International relations
Papers (10):
  • Nobuo Haruna. The Birth of a Nationalist: A Study on the Making of Shigetaka Shiga's Thought. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Japan Studies Review. 2021. 1. 61-71
  • Nobuo Haruna. From the 'Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' to a 'Maritime Nation': Kōsaka Masataka's Role in Updating Japanese Geopolitics. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Japan Studies Review. 2020. 0. 71-82
  • Nobuo Haruna. Challenges in Improving Preparatory Education:Speculations on a Questionnaire for Preparatory Education Graduates. Bulletin of Japanese Language Center for International Students. 2019. 45. 271-282
  • Nobuo Haruna. Geopolitics in political science in 20th century Japan: Tracing a strand of thought starting from Kiheiji Onozuka. Area and Culture Studies. 2018. 97. 83-108
  • Nobuo Haruna. Academic Majors of the MEXT Scholarship Undergraduate Students: On the Collective Turn in the 2010s. Bulletin of Japanese Language Center for International Students. 2018. 44. 163-174
MISC (2):
  • Nobuo Haruna. Ekkyōsha no seijishi (The Political History of Border Crossers: Japanese Emigration and Colonization in the Asia-Pacific). Social Science Japan Journal. 2017. 20. 2. 300-303
  • 春名展生. 森肇志『自衛権の基層--国連憲章にいたる歴史的展開』. 史学雑誌. 2010. 119. 4. 79-84
Books (7):
  • The Encyclopedia of New Geopolitics
    Maruzen Publishing 2020
  • Opening the Doors to Japanese Studies
    Koyo Shobo 2019 ISBN:9784771032132
  • Studying Gender and Peace as Liberal Arts
    Horitsu Bunka Sha 2016 ISBN:9784589037565
  • From Darwinism to Geopolitics: The Modern Japanese Obsession with the Equilibrium Between Population, Resources, and Territory
    Chikura Shobo 2015 ISBN:9784805110669
  • Diplomatic thought: Japanese diplomacy, vol. 3
    Iwanami Shoten 2013 ISBN:9784000285933
Lectures and oral presentations  (16):
  • The Malthusian Imprint on International Relations: Retrieving a Trans-Pacific Intellectual Dialogue on Japanese Population
    (ISA Annual Convention 2021 2021)
  • Mutual Assistance as National Culture? Undermining the Welfare State in 1970s Japan
    (Solidarity and Mutual Aid in Modern and Contemporary Japan (1603-2020) 2021)
  • Mutual restraint or perish altogether? Addressing demographic precarity in early twentieth-century Japan
    (第6回トランス・パシフィック・ワークショップ 2019)
  • Why not Mahan or Mackinder? The Japanese Preference for Deutsche Geopolitik
    (思想史と国際関係:20世紀初頭における日本と英米圏 2019)
  • Starting the study of international politics and propagating geopolitics: the dual consequences of the incorporation of Friedrich Ratzel into Japanese political science
    (The 2018 Annual Convention of the Japan Association of International Relations 2018)
Professional career (2):
  • 博士(学術) (東京大学)
  • 修士(学術) (東京大学)
Association Membership(s) (2):
Japan Association of International Relations ,  Japan Political Science Association
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